School Three


Klic Village

Ratanakiri Province


The first student to enrol in Bryn’s School 3 was a fifteen-year old girl who had never had the opportunity to attend school. She started in Grade One, and is now literate and looking forward to starting her own market stall business.

Bryn’s School 3 is a primary school located in Northern Cambodia, and stands as pride of place in the small village of Klic. Alongside the formal classrooms we have also developed community literacy programs, a vegetable garden, orchard and a chicken run.

Since the initial enrolment of 135 students, demand has ballooned and we are now working to extend the school. Extensions to the school will include the provision of a library, computer centre, medical rooms and a kitchen.

Once complete we will launch a lunch program that will provide every child attending the school with what for many will be their only nutritious meal of the day.

These extensions have been made possible by the amazing support of the Lush Corporation.

Our ongoing work in Kilc sees us supplementing the pay for the teaching staff, employment of a caretaker and providing all of the uniforms and books for the students. Our work here will be ongoing until the school becomes self-sufficient.



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