School Six


Bor Town

Southern Sudan


A 15-year old girl in Sudan is more likely to die from childbirth than she is to receive a primary education.

Our most ambitious project to date, we are working with a group of local refugee women from Sudan ( whose great wish it is to improve the lives of girls and women in Bor Town, Southern Sudan.  


Bor Town has a population of 65,000 who are currently living in conditions that are only slightly better than a refugee camp. Most of the population still rely on food from the UN. Southern Sudan has no basic infrastructure to speak of, very few schools and hospitals and only 50 km of sealed road. Over 90 per cent of women in Southern Sudan are illiterate.


We are currently working on building a six-classroom school, although progress has been difficult due to the recent civil unrest.


Bryn’s School 6 was due to open in November 2013, but the current civil strife in Southern Sudan has meant that the opening has been delayed. We will not, however, give up on these girls and will continue to work to have our school opened as soon as possible.



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