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A Letter to Bryn

My Dear Son Bryn,

I brought you into this world with the hope that you would have all the opportunities a mother could wish for her son, a good education, the chance to travel and see the world and the love and security of a family. You had these things and so I will never know or understand the chain events that led up to you taking your own life at the tender age of 16. My world fell to pieces one morning and has never been the same since.

It took me a while to realise that I needed to recapture that sense of hope I had when you were born and Bryn’s School was started because, like me, every mother wants her child to be educated, and have the opportunities it brings, but my experience of the world is that often all they can give is their love because there are simply no schools for their sons and daughters. In my own way I wanted all of the mother’s in the world, regardless of circumstance to be given the chance to be able to provide an education for their children. I also knew that you had a unique sense of justice and that you knew only too well that not everyone in the world had access to the same privileges that you did.

Your family came together and found a purpose. We built Bryn’s School 1 in Vietnam, just one school we thought, but through the support of ordinary people we now educate thousands of children bringing the gift of education to remote and rural communities in Asia and Africa.

Out of grief and despair came something good, and something full of hope of which I am very proud. But wherever you are Bryn I hope that you know that all this came from you; you are part of every school, part of every classroom, and the reason we are able to continue this work.

I am thankful for the time we shared so briefly, and will forever feel blessed that even for a short time you were a part of my life. Not a day goes by when I do not think of you, do not miss you, but I do know you would be very proud of your family and of the legacy created in your memory.

My love always my darling son,

Mum (Janine Hendry)

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