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Our Story

Bryn's School

Our son Bryn loved to travel, experience different cultures and form friendships with other young people.

“When Bryn died suddenly and without warning, aged just 16, we were consumed by grief and hopelessness.

“Creating Bryn’s School has restored hope, not just to us, his parents, but to the countless children who now have access to education and a safe place to learn and thrive.

“Please join us on our quest .”

Janine Hendry, Bryn’s mother

Imagine a World where
every child has access
to an education.

Our Mission

The Schools

Tien Tien, Phu Chu Province
Klic Village, Ratanakiri Province
Koung Tonle Kroum, Prey Veng Province
Tuy Tom, Ratanakiri Province
Chowhati, West Bengal

How you can help!


Their education is essential.
Donate and help build their future!

Donations enable us to carry out our core work of constructing and running schools in areas that might otherwise miss out. Your donation, no matter how small, can make a real difference to a child’s future.

Educational Outreach

We can visit you

Spreading the word about Bryn’s School is an important part of our work, and we are happy to come to your school, service club, community organisation or workplace. 

If you are a student or a teacher, talk to your school about having a guest speaker visit and speak to the kids about the schools that we have constructed, the kids we have met and about education in developing economies. We can also help you set up fundraising within your school and can provide items like donation tins. 

How you can help!



News & Updates

So you’ve just volunteered to build a chicken coop?

What is it that would possess 8 blokes to give up two weeks of their holidays, pay for flights to Cambodia, stay in cheap accommodation, spend 14 hours sitting in an overcrowded mini bus being hurtled across the largely unmade roads and head off into the bowels of the Cambodian countryside in order to build, amongst other things, a chook shed?

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Our Newsletter

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